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India has the world's highest shortage of blood, with all states together battling a huge shortfall of 41 million units and demand outstripping supply by over 400%, says the first of its kind study published in the journal The Lancet. And demand is rising, say the findings.

Here, WE, RaktaRaisers are trying to make things better as much as possible by connecting and creating an organisation of blood donors. We know the problem is huge, but not huge enough that humans can't solve it. And here I'm actually talking about "humans" who are always there for the needy, for the sake of humanity.

We have received a lot of messages on almost all of our social media handles, but somehow we hesitated to contact them and the information somehow seemed misleading to us most of the time, though not always. But presentation and details matter. And in the age of Digital india, we have to change our way of communication at every level to work more efficiently and effectively.

So How to use this platform?
Simple, Either you want to donate blood or you will be in need of blood. Once a user logs in through their google account he/she will get redirected to your profile upgrade page where we will be needing the basic details and the entry will get stored and registered.

A logged in User will have two options:
1 - I want to Donate blood
2 - I Need Blood

According to your choice you will choose further options.

Posting a Blood Requirement post:
we know that there is a need of blood somewhere everytime and for that we want our platform to be open for all it's users. So if you have to post any requirement, all you have to do is to click on "I Need Blood" option, fill the correct details and Post.
Once the request is posted , you can share the link of your page anywhere. This will not only help to send the details in an organised way quickly but will also get checked and verified from Our end for further process and help.

What we will do from our end ?
Once we receive a request, the post gets verified and after verification, all registered users from our database gets a notification automatically. We also perform target search as per given data and requirements information.

#ShareMore #ReachMore #HelpMore

Our Next target?
Collaboration and merge with other organisations and blood banks of the same domain.
Lets Hope for Best.

Thanks Shubham Ranjan for giving this platform a Unique Identity i.e "Raktaraisers" Name.
Thanks Akshay Kumar Jha for accepting the role of Coordinator at Raktaraisers.org !

Gaurav Abhishek
Founder & Developer

Date: 15th August, 2020

रक्तRaisers is an open platform to post your requirement or find and donate blood to a needy person! Donate and get rewards From HHFC Team.

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